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Qsome Success Story of Camorino Traffic Office

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Qsome Team • May 25, 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, efficient and seamless customer service is paramount for organizations to thrive. Camorino Traffic Office, a prominent service provider, faced challenges in managing customer flow and reducing waiting times. However, their journey towards excellence took a remarkable turn with the implementation of Qsome, a cutting-edge customer service management solution. In this article, we delve into the success case of Camorino Traffic Office, highlighting the transformative impact of Qsome on their operations and customer satisfaction.

Prior to embracing Qsome, Camorino Traffic Office struggled with long waiting times and inefficient appointments management. Between 2017 and 2019, the office served approximately 350 customers per day, with an average waiting time of 18 minutes. The absence of appointment systems meant that customers had no control over their service experience. Furthermore, the postal service saw a daily influx of 30-40 customers, leading to additional congestion and delays.

The Turning Point: Qsome Implementation

The year 2022 marked a significant shift for Camorino Traffic Office as they adopted Qsome to revolutionize their customer service operations. The positive outcomes were evident from the first month of implementation.

Online Appointments. One of the key improvements brought about by Qsome was the introduction of online appointment scheduling. This eliminated the need for manual appointment handling and streamlined the entire process. Customers could now conveniently book appointments online, reducing their wait times significantly. Moreover, Qsome prioritized customers with appointments, ensuring their service needs were addressed promptly. The impact on resource allocation was remarkable, as the office was able to reduce the required staff from 2 full-time employees to just 0.2 full-time employees, thanks to the efficient capacity and appointment management provided by Qsome.

Self-Service Terminal. Qsome’s self-service terminal elevated the customer experience with a user-friendly interface and three levels of service choices. It provided a seamless user experience, accommodating multiple languages and facilitating appointment check-in through QR code or short code. The terminal offered high-quality ticket printing, ensuring clear information for efficient service delivery. The visually appealing terminal stands were crafted using premium materials for durability.

System Flexibility. Qsome’s flexibility played a vital role in improving communication and providing real-time updates. The office could broadcast internal messages to employees and display messages on customer information screens and self-service terminals. Real-time changes and updates on the current queue situation ensured that customers were informed promptly, creating a transparent and responsive service environment.

A New Dawn in Camorino – Qsome’s Impact

Customers/User Satisfaction. The implementation of Qsome transformed the customer experience at Camorino Traffic Office. The easy-to-use and modern interface provided a great user experience, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction. With reduced waiting times and improved service quality, customers were pleased with the office’s commitment to efficiency and modernization.

Enhanced Organizational Image. Qsome propelled Camorino Traffic Office into the digital era, earning them a reputation as a modern and efficient organization. The positive changes in service delivery attracted media attention, further enhancing the office’s image in Ticino. The increased media interest demonstrated the significance of their transformation, serving as a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness. The implementation of Qsome optimized resource allocation and improved operational efficiency, reducing full-time employment from 40 to 37.5. By redirecting human resources from front-office tasks to back-office responsibilities, the office achieved better utilization of their workforce. Additionally, Qsome’s input control enabled process control, ensuring that capacities per day aligned with available human resources. The result was a reduction in stress for HR personnel and improved customer-to-expert assignment.

Better Management of HR and Flows. With Qsome, Camorino Traffic Office gained comprehensive monitoring and statistical insights into their operations. They could now analyze performance data and make data-driven decisions to enhance their service quality further. The ability to monitor and measure performance allowed the office to identify areas for improvement and allocate resources effectively.

Continued Development and Support. The partnership with Qsome went beyond implementation. Camorino Traffic Office enjoyed access to new tools and features, expanding their supported use cases. The direct contact with the Qsome team ensured ongoing support and development, guaranteeing that the office stayed at the forefront of customer service excellence.

The success story of Camorino Traffic Office highlights the transformative impact of Qsome on customer service. By leveraging online appointments, self-service terminals, and system flexibility, the office achieved significant improvements in customer satisfaction, organizational image, and operational efficiency. The implementation of Qsome resulted in streamlined processes, reduced waiting times, and optimized resource allocation. Camorino Traffic Office’s collaboration with Qsome has set a benchmark for efficient and modern customer service in the region, showcasing the power of innovative solutions in driving organizational success.

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