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Take control of your customer journeys.


Take control of your customer journeys.

Qsome is the next generation solution for managing customer flows and queues at service points.

Flexible • Scalable • Safe

Take control of your customer journeys.
Made in Switzerland
SBB - Swiss National Railways
Kantonsspital Winterthur
Zurich Circle

Warteschlangenmanagement - Kürzere Wartezeiten

Increase productivity and customer satisfaction at the same time.


Efficient management of customer journeys and flows is one of the core disciplines of modern service companies.

You don’t have to bend over backward to boost productivity. We’ll help you use your existing capacities in an optimal way. It means shorter waiting times, improved service quality, and, of course, better customer experience.


Warteschlangenmanagement - QSOME LÖSUNG

A flexible system that simply adapts to your needs.

Qsome contains all components that are key to managing Customer Journeys efficiently. All elements can be combined and adapted to meet individual requirements.

Qsome Devices

Customer flow components

Customer Journeys

Customer Journeys

Map and optimize customer journeys precisely across different touchpoints.

Queue Management

Queue Management

Reduce waiting times for your customers and manage your team’s workload efficiently.



Customers can easily sync their appointments with your team’s schedule.

Workflow Management

Workflow Management

Efficiently manage customers and tasks within the team.

Virtual Consulting

Virtual Consulting

Provide service on-site or schedule virtual consultations.

Digital Forms

Digital Forms

Allow your customers to fill custom digital forms while waiting.

Instant Notifications

Instant Notifications

With real-time SMS notifications, always keep your staff and customers up-to-date.

Data analysis

Data analysis

Track and monitor relevant KPIs to continuously enhance your productivity and customer satisfaction.

Want to see Qsome in action?

Qsome Options

Whatever your business is, find solution that fits.

Qsome can be installed as a standalone solution at a single service point or as a cloud-based application, e.g., in companies with branch offices.


An ideal choice if you’re a small business + want smooth customer journeys.

Yes Web-based queue processing
Yes Best price/value ratio
Yes High-end terminal stand
Yes For single store

Choose it if you’re a larger company with multiple service points + you want them to work seamlessly together.

Yes 3rd party integration
Yes Secure cloud hosting
Yes Premium Support
Yes For large enterprises
Why Qsome
Why you’ll fall in love with Qsome

Plug & play

If you have a power supply and Ethernet access, you’re all set.


Highly configurable

Configure numerous features of Qsome to meet your exact requirements.


First-class user experience

Every step along the way, we have a customer in mind – making every feature easy and intuitive to use.


State-of-the-art technology

Our engineers always keep up with the latest technology. They ensure that every release of Qsome is faster and better than anything you experienced before.


Infinitely scalable

Qsome is all about boundless scalability without sacrificing performance. It serves you thoroughly – whether you have a single service point or handle a complex multinational hospital network.


Personal customer service

Being ahead of the curve always starts with listening to your customers. That’s why every customer has a personal contact person at Qsome.


Strong brands entrust their customer journey management to Qsome.

We are proud to have well-known service brands in our client portfolio. And we’re always happy to share case studies upon request.


„A modern and highly flexible customer journey management system is what SBB was looking for, for a long time. The feature-rich Qsome solution proved to be fast, scalable, and powerful enough to suit many different scenarios and setups. Together with Qsome, SBB will continue to innovate and improve customer journeys.“

Benjamin Salvisberg, Expert for Business and Systems SBB Passenger transportation


„For Swisscom, the key advantages of Qsome are its high configurability, updating of all information in real time and the option of integrating cameras. Combined with competent consulting and fast implementation, we have found a future-oriented solution for our queue management.“

Eric Nicolet - Head of Process & IT for the sales channels


„In an emergency ward, waiting times are essential for patients. Since we have introduced the ticketing system of Qsome, we get significantly less complaints due to long waiting times. Especially appreciated is the notification service, where patients can spend the waiting time outside of the practice and are informed by SMS when it's their turn.“

Dr. med. Davis, operative medical director Permanence Bahnhof Luzern


„The patient management system from Qsome was successfully implemented within a very short time and supports the processes in the vaccination centre of the hospital in Horgen extremely efficiently and effectively. The ability to scale and the speed to adapt to new requirements and situations speaks for the dynamics and flexibility of the cloud solution.“

Marco Urban - Head of Project Management / Quality Management / ICT at See-Spital Horgen


„We are highly impressed with Qsome at Camorino Traffic Office. It has greatly improved customer service and efficiency with reduced waiting times and streamlined processes. Notably, it has significantly reduced staff stress levels. The intuitive online appointment system and self-service terminals enhance the customer experience. Qsome's flexibility and continuous support have been crucial to our success.“

Francesco Maltauro - Head of Traffic Services, Canton Tessin


„The implementation of Qsome has made our processes at the Permanence Marketplace Oerlikon more efficient and improved patient care. Reduced waiting times and better communication have enhanced satisfaction and allowed the medical team to focus on what's most important: the health of our patients.“

Dr. Kosai Baki, Specialist in Internal Medicine FMH

See how companies are using Qsome for their business success

Trusted partnership that pays off

Three words. CREATING. MORE. VALUE. That’s what our effort boils down to, and that’s why we keep pushing customer journey management to the next level (and the next one, and the next). We’re proud to have partners who share the same vision and commitment.

„Qsome is an extremely powerful, reliable and complete solution which impresses with its easy integration and adaptability. It's a great pleasure to utilize Qsome in different contexts and see its flexibility in action.“
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Qsome Blog
Qsome news and insights

Don’t fall behind on the latest happenings. Dig into the freshest ideas, get new insights on customer journeys, and discover upcoming features that will be available soon.

Frequently asked questions
Can Qsome solution increase sales?Expand Section

Ultimately, every shop's goal is to serve as many customers as possible. But it’s not just a numbers game – you want to create a striking experience for both customers and employees. That’s why Qsome steps into the game: to provide a streamlined, neatly structured means of queuing. Qsome enables your shop to process a much higher load; it also helps reduce waiting times and increase transparency on how the lines move. At the end of the day, you want shorter service times, stress-free employees, happier customers, and increased sales for your business. And we know exactly how to get you there.

How does Qsome solution improves working environment for employees?Expand Section

Qsome solution puts customer flow management in a very intuitive order. The employees can pick it up quickly, and results start to roll in immediately. All employees get real-time notifications about the state of the shop – so at all times, everyone knows what to do without any confusion. Such a work environment creates trust between employees, eliminates chaos, reduces stress, and minimizes the number of mistakes.

How does the system increase customer satisfaction?Expand Section

Without exception, all customers want the best and fastest service possible. On top of that, they’d like to be informed about the progress in real-time. Qsome solution targets exactly these key points: it provides all parties with real-time notifications about the progress (at all phases of customer journey) and offers the best tools to ensure smooth customer flow with queue management. As a result, customer satisfaction shoots up significantly.

Does Qsome provide various information channels to customers?Expand Section

Qsome offers an entire spectrum of communication channels: email notifications for appointment requests and management, SMS notifications to keep customers informed about their visit to the shop in real-time, and finally, mobile customer interface – an app-like web interface that notifies customers in real-time as well as enables them to manage their visit details. In stores, large information screens are notifying people upon queue changes. In the meantime, self-check-in terminals scan customers’ tickets and provide general information about the queue position. Each channel contributes to the same goal – better understanding of customers and providing the best-in-class service.

Does Qsome support appointment planning and processing?Expand Section

Yes, Qsome has an advanced appointment module with these functions: creating available employees slots; giving customers access to book an appointment; allowing customers to check-in at the time of visit. The back office can also manage bookings. To ensure a smooth process, they get notified about any changes in real-time. Appointment handling is a crucial part of customer journey management – so we continue to dedicate our effort and expertise to make it excellent.

Does Qsome provide a self-check-in point?Expand Section

Yes, Qsome has two types of self-check-in points. One of them is a physical terminal with many possibilities to interact with, such as self-queuing, appointment check-in, QR code scanning, and many more. You can choose between two alternatives: a terminal of large stainless steel and a premium-looking stand or a lightweight, space-effective terminal with a smaller screen (please contact our sales team to get full specifications). The second way to perform check-in by yourself is a virtual self-check-in channel. In this case, you enter the queue remotely by using an app-like mobile interface.

How does Qsome solve problems with contactless queuing?Expand Section

Nowadays, the demand for contactless queueing is rising (naturally, the COVID-19 pandemic played a significant part in this). Therefore, Qsome ramped up new, contactless ways for customers to enter the queue. One of them is a remote mobile customer interface, an app-like shop web page. Here customers can place their problem and receive a virtual ticket that will be used to check-in at the physical store. Another way is to arrive at the shop entrance and scan the QR code placed in the front. It will provide access to a mobile customer interface where customers can enter and track their visits. With client feedback, we keep improving means of queuing – paving the way for the most effective solutions.

How does Qsome support my business growth?Expand Section

Qsome solution provides a huge variety of metrics that can show business opportunities by providing new services or optimizing existing ones. It easily reveals the longest or shortest phases of the whole customer journey that can be analyzed and later optimized. The rising quality of your services will show up in analytics, revealing hidden potential. Real-time data visuals can give a deep understanding of any bottlenecks that occur during operational hours. Our team believes in continuous growth, which would be impossible without in-depth data analysis. As the industries keep changing, we remain loyal to our goal – to bring forth top-tier tools that take your business to the next level.

About Us
We’re a team of highly skilled professionals – software engineers and designers – who push the boundaries to create top-notch products every day.

Qsome is a product of e-nov8 GmbH, an IT consulting and development company based in Switzerland.