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Introduction of Qsome at Permanence Marketplace Oerlikon

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Qsome Team • Apr 18, 2024

About PMO

Permanence Marketplace Oerlikon is a group practice that offers comprehensive medical care in Zurich North, including emergency treatments and general medical care. It is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment and collaborates with specialists and hospitals for advanced care. The team is supplemented by a general practitioner and covers a wide range of acute complaints.

The Challenge

To maximize efficiency at the new location in the Franklin Tower, an advanced solution – Qsome patient management was implemented in Oerlikon. This innovation allows the 60-member team, including around 25 doctors, to monitor treatment paths and patient statuses precisely and reliably with minimal administrative effort, thus ensuring the highest service quality and optimal treatment processes. The medical staff is significantly relieved, while patients are kept continuously informed and can efficiently manage their waiting time.

The Solution

PMO and Qsome/E-nov8 have established a cooperation to revolutionize the services at the Franklin Tower travel center with innovative features. The new features include:

  • Visual Overviews: A clear view of all patients, treatment rooms, and doctors enables efficient organization.
  • Patient Transfers: Improved control of patient flow allows seamless transitions between treatment rooms and doctors.
  • Check-In at Reception: Advanced user interfaces at the reception promote procedures with clear prioritization according to the urgency of the treatment.
  • Information Screens: Positions of the treatment rooms are clearly displayed; additionally, there is the possibility to show videos and information.
  • Emergency Call System: The use of sustainable technologies enables simple and quick calls for help.
  • Real-Time Broadcasting: Ensures immediate dissemination of information and updates for both customers and staff.
  • Mobile Customer Interface (“MyTurn”): A real-time platform for queue management gives patients the freedom to leave the practice if necessary.
  • Appointment Management and Customer Forms: Possible expansion step and integration on the homepage.
  • SMS Service: Enhances communication by sending updates to patients via SMS.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Important practice data are displayed in real time, improving practice management.

Qsome MyTurn at Permanence Marktplatz Oerlikon: Mobile Queue Management
Qsome MyTurn: Customers Track and Manage Their Queue Position on Mobile

These features collectively contribute to optimizing patient service by reducing both waiting time and administrative effort, while simultaneously improving patient satisfaction and experience. For more information about the Qsome solution in the healthcare industry, please click here.


  1. Improved Patient Experience: The implementation of Qsome patient management in Oerlikon contributed to significantly more efficient patients processing, thereby reducing waiting times and increasing overall patient satisfaction.
  2. Increased Efficiency in Practice Operations: By optimizing the treatment flow and autonomous check-in processes, administrative tasks are reduced and the workflows of the medical staff are made more efficient.
  3. Enhanced Communication: Real-time broadcasting, SMS notifications, and the mobile platform “MyTurn” enable improved and continuous communication between the practice and the patients.
  4. Improved Crisis Management: The ability to quickly call for help using sustainable technologies can be life-saving in emergencies and demonstrates the facility’s readiness to respond effectively to urgent situations.
  5. Data-Driven Decision Making: Comprehensive real-time reports provide important data that assist management in strategic decision-making.

Customer Feedback

The implementation of Qsome has made our processes at Permanence Marketplace Oerlikon more efficient and improved patient care. Shorter waiting times and better communication increase satisfaction and allow the medical team to focus on what’s important: the health of our patients.

— Dr. Kosai Baki, Specialist in Internal Medicine FMH

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