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Introduction of Qsome at the New Travel Center in Zurich

3 min read
Qsome Team • Apr 8, 2024

About SBB

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) stands at the forefront of Switzerland’s transport sector, operating a comprehensive network through numerous travel centers nationwide. With a workforce exceeding 33,000, it is a major employer dedicated to serving millions of customers at these centers. Governed by the Swiss Confederation, SBB ensures seamless domestic and international connectivity from its Bern headquarters. Renowned for its efficiency and punctuality, SBB’s commitment to excellence makes it a pivotal element of Swiss public transport, meeting the diverse needs of travelers and daily commuters across the country.

The Challenge

In the heart of Zurich, within a historic building dating back to 1871, the Swiss National Railways (SBB) faced a significant challenge. Their main station’s travel center, frequented by over 1500 daily visitors, required an extensive update to consolidate various service areas into one cohesive space. Achieving this within a historic structure added complexity, requiring careful consideration to balance heritage preservation with modern customer service capabilities.

The Solution

SBB and Qsome/Enov8 collaboratively introduced a suite of innovative features to elevate the travel center’s functionality and customer service:

  • Customer Appointment Processing: Streamlining the appointment process, enabling customers to check in using a QR code from their confirmation email.
  • Qsome API Integration: Facilitating appointment requests directly through the SBB homepage for seamless service scheduling.
  • Color-Coded Service Guides: Directing customers efficiently to the right service areas using color codes.
  • Waiting Time Forecast: Use of real-time data for precise waiting time forecasts.
  • Desk Transfers: Optimizing service flow by facilitating customer transfers between different desks.
  • High-End Self-Service Terminals: Implementing advanced terminals for autonomous operations.
  • Custom-Designed Customer Information Screens: Featuring aesthetically pleasing and informative screens tailored to the SBB corporate identity.
  • Desk Information Screen: Each desk equipped with a specific design reflecting the services it offers.
  • Energy Harvesting Wireless Technology (EnOcean) for Help Buttons: Using sustainable technology for easy assistance signaling.
  • Real-Time Broadcasting for CIS and Employees: Ensuring instant communication and updates for customers and staff.
  • Terminal Printers with Paper Level Sensors & Notifications: Employing smart maintenance alerts for seamless operation.
  • Mobile Customer Interface (“MyTurn”): Offering a mobile platform for real-time queue management.
  • SMS Notifications: Sending updates to customers who provide their mobile numbers, enhancing communication.
  • Comprehensive Real-Time Reporting: Delivering crucial data offload to the SBB business intelligence platform for strategic insights.
  • These implementations have transformed the Zurich travel center, merging historic charm with state-of-the-art customer service solutions.


The partnership between SBB and Qsome/Enov8 has significantly improved customer flow and service management, achieving the project’s objectives. This initiative has not only streamlined operations at Zurich’s largest travel hub but also set a precedent for future enhancements and customer service innovation. Stefan Bächtold, Project Manager Customer Experience at SBB Travel Centers, commended the effectiveness of the collaboration, stating, “The cooperation with Qsome/Envo8 has more than fulfilled our expectations, even in our largest SBB travel center project. Qsome/Envo8 offers a tailor-made solution for every need, as we were able to experience once again in the SBB Travel Center Zurich HB project. Thanks to Qsome/Envo8, we can now manage and support more than 1500 customers per day in a simple and efficient way.

This project illustrates the potential of integrating advanced service solutions within historic settings, demonstrating how collaboration and technology can enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. The SBB Travel Center at Zurich HB is a model of how thoughtful planning and innovative technology can transform customer service in public transport.

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